Well, tmsh has been around for a while now, but the scriptable version and support for it here on DevCentral are relatively new. In fact, I just got the links to the parts of DevCentral last night, so that’s very new.

I wrote about tmsh when it first came out in version 10.0, but with version 10.1 we have added some key functionality to make it more useful in your daily admin work.

And now, our team with the able assistance of our Technical Publications staff have created a tmsh wiki much like the iControl and iRules wikis, and forums to support tmsh (note: both require DevCentral logins).

What is tmsh? Well the first link in this article will tell you a lot, but if you just want the synopsis, tmsh is the shell replacement for BIG-IP’s bigpipe command, only it does much more than bigpipe did. Worried that you don’t want to have to learn tmsh to manage your BIG-IP family products? No worries, bigpipe is still available at this time, but the power of tmsh combined with its scripting capabilities make us certain that you should check it out. bigpipe won’t be around forever, and you can get a lot out of tmsh.

And that’s where the wiki and the forums come in. Pop by, registered members of DC can modify the wiki and post to the forums, so not only can you get a leg up getting started, but you can share your experience with others and take advantage of their knowledge.

Colin and Jason have put together quite a few examples of how to use the features, they’re linked to the different tmsh commands in the wiki. Let us know what you think, offer up your own examples, help us expand the documentation, and have some fun. We’ll be around if you need anything.

Until next time,