Skiing last week was a hoot.  We had great conditions.   I was back in the office for a few days and then headed out on Sunday for visits to Beijing and Tokyo.

Beijing has, as always, been interesting.  The city continues to transform itself in preparation for the 2008 Olympics.  There are over 400 million subscribers for China Mobile and an insane number of people were riding the train system to visit family as part of the Lunar New Year Festival.  Traffic congestion has become noticeably worse since I the first time I came here about 5 years ago - there are about 3 million cars in Beijing today - and way fewer bicycles : ( .  I noticed that in the last year the city replaced all their old buses.  That's pretty typical for China where things are done on a large scale.  I'm sure the buses are making their way around other cities somewhere in the country.

Last night after dinner 7 of us made a stop for a reflexology treatment.  The place we went to was a multi-story building that had about 100 massagers on staff.  The treatment was great.  The only different spin to other times I've done this is that at the beginning a guy showed up with a tray of instruments and went down the line trimming everyones' toe nails with what looked like a scalpel.  90 minute treatment for $14 including tea.

This afternoon I'm visiting Microsoft's Beijing Technology Center and then off to Tokyo tomorrow.