Okay, today I realized that I was too wrapped up in my job when I saw this headline (via RSS, without the picture) and for just a split second I wondered why Amazon crashing would cause anyone harm...

Then reality struck home. I got a chance to laugh at myself (go ahead, I know you want to), and then got to pondering how I view the world differently because I'm a technologist.

Well, we have a binary clock in the family room, and most of the family can tell time by it.

Our bookshelves have books on SOAP and XML and SAML next to books on ancient civilizations and fantasy novels - from where I'm sitting at the moment, The Sumerians and Under a Black Flag (pirate history) sandwich  a Red Hat Admin guide.

Our children all had their own computers from a young age and expect a laptop as a graduation/heading to college gift.

Any project in this house begins with "how could we write a system to..." Even home repairs.

Our youngest child has a onesie that reads "I TCP/IP but mostly IP" - and Lori bought it for him.

One of my primary criteria when purchasing a new pro-level camera last month was "what software comes with it".

We have networking gear by Cisco, 3Com, and Dell behind our BIG-IP in the basement. And I've tried to dink with all of them through code.

And I still can't program my friggin' DVR (since the VCR isn't even hooked up any more).

Just thought I'd share. Do you have any to add? Leave a comment if you do.


/imbibing: Mountain Dew

/reading: WWII Tank Encyclopaedia. Again.