In my role at F5, one of the many interesting things I get to do is meet with customers, partners, analysts and press all around the world.

Yesterday, our office in Japan sent a clipping from one of the articles that was published based on a recent visit I made there. If you haven't dealt with the Japanese media before, it's an interesting experience. One of the things that the media there like to do is associate a face with the company that is being written about in the article. The interviewers usually consist of a reporter or editor and a photographer. During the interview the photographer will take lots of pictures as you have a conversation with the editor or reporter. When the interview is over, the photographer will take several more pictures asking you to pose in front of different things or contort you into different "natural positions".

When the article gets printed or posted, you always wonder, given the volume of photos taken, how there couldn't have been one that turned out better than the one they used! I guess it's sort of like getting used to hearing your own voice played back on a tape recorder as a kid and that the photo isn't that bad after all.