I've played recreational soccer for most of my life, both outdoor and indoor. Soccer is such a popular sport for kids here in the states but it seems to lose it's fan base when the kids get past high-school. I've brought this up with friends and colleagues and there are either two reactions to soccer.

  1. Don't really care for it.
  2. Hate it with a vengence.
I can understand #1 if you haven't played it much, but have no clue on why some people hate it so much (especially here in the states). It's THE sport is almost every part of the world except the US.

Anyway, back to the subject of the post. My 6 year old REALLY wanted to play soccer this year so I bit the bullet and signed up as the head-coach for his team. We'll be playing in the U7 level of the Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association this fall. Not sure of our team name yet, but if you have kids playing in that league, look for me at a game and say hi.


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