Yet another showing of Ubuntu's strength as a distro, it looks like Sun just selected Ubuntu as their official Linux build.

It's long been on the rise in popularity, and has been considered one of the top Linux Distros out there as far as popularity is concerned. This is backed up by Google Trends' data on the matter. Heck, I'm a Ubuntu user myself. ;)

It's interesting to see Sun pick up a Linux distro, though. Half of me is extremely excited! What could be cooler than a Sun workstation at home running Ubuntu that I know and love?!? Not that I have any practical use for it, but dude, how c00l!11!. The other half of me, of course, is terrified for the future of Ubuntu. The last thing I want is for it to get too big or too commercial, and lose that...that special something that it has that makes me love it so.

Hopefully this will turn out to be a mutually beneficial collaberation. Sun will get a usable, widely popular Linux OS that supports its ability to multi-thread, which will hopefully bring them, to a whole new audience, and make thm a viable choice for more people than they currently are. I'm also hoping that Ubuntu benefits just as much with even further publicity, some corporate support where needed to enterprise harden the OS, etc. Now if they can only manage to strike the proper balance, and not muck up their already great desktop releases.

Here's to hoping. ;)