sysinternals If you’ve ever had to diagnose something with your Windows system, odds are you’ve come across the Sysinternals product suite by Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell.  Their PsTools suite has saved my behind many times and since they regularly make updates to the tools, it’s kind of a pain to make sure that the tools you are using are always up to date.  I’ve been using these so long I still have my tools directory named after the their original “NTInternals” name.  Anyone else been using them this long?

As part of the transition into Microsoft, they have made available the Sysinternals Live service which enables you to execute Sysinternals tools directly from the Web.  All you have to do is to type them into your browser or windows explorer as follows and you will always be up-to-date with the latest version of the tools.

They provide a full list of the tools at the website which is handy if you don’t remember the tool you are wanting to use.

Now, I’m a command-line guy and I spend most of my time in the shell and I spend part of my time offline when I’m out of wireless range with my laptop so I like to have a copy of the tools locally.  So, I went ahead and wrote up this little script that will download the latest versions of all the tools to my tools directory.  It will first make a backup of the existing files and then download the new version in their place.  I’ll still have to run the script periodically, but it will download the latest revisions of all available commands.

The script is configurable in allowing you to specify a target directory for the utilities as well as a list of specific utilities you want to update.