The Press Release went out, the content has arrived and the blogs are booming all about BIG-IP V10.  I’ll keep this short since the team has already gotten your attention with the awesome entries below (and soon above) this post but did want to provide a link to all the multimedia materials available to you.  IT Agility Your Way means  that F5 understands that each IT environment is unique, including You.  You might consume content differently.  You might not have the time to read a whitepaper.  You might not want to waste paper printing documents.  You might like watching a 5 minute video.  You might like listening to podcasts on the go.  Well, we’ve got You covered too. 

Along with all the amazing materials already mentioned, we’ve also created Audio (mp3) versions of the V10 whitepapers and are introducing a new video series, ‘In 5 Minutes or Less,’ where we show you a specific feature or functionality in, well, 5 Minutes or Less.  The new Application Ready Solution Templates is featured in our first ‘In 5.’  So not only is F5 delivering IT Agility Your Way, we’re also offering incredible content Your Way.  Enjoy the show.