To accompany the big announcement happening on today, we're rolling out all kinds of new content on DevCentral as well.  We've got tech tips and blogs, forum posts and wiki's a veritable cornucopia of technical goodness to show off some of the awesome new features in BIG-IP v10.  This release packs a punch, and it's definitely worth it to check out some of the new things you can do. 


To help you get started, we've got a v10 page where you can go to keep your finger on the pulse of the new content we're pushing out surrounding v10. This is the place to get an aggregate view of just the v10 goodness, if you don't wand to try to keep up with the front page's news stream. From there you'll be able to find all of the related articles and blogs on DevCentral, as well as some key links out to other sections of the site, like the wiki entry for new iRules commands in v.10 , not to mention other places around F5 that have an absolute wealth of knowledge, v10 and otherwise.


I'm really excited about this new release, as it brings with it some fantastic features. Some of which users have asked for in the past, some of which are new and innovative, and I think that's an important mix.  I'd try to go through each feature if Lori hadn't done it already in her great whitepaper over on  If you want some highlights of what's new and what this baby can do, I recommend checking that out, along with digging through the new stuff on DevCentral.  Keep your eye out though, we're just getting started. There will be new content rolling out in a hurry over the next days and weeks.