As you've no doubt seen by now, BIG-IP v10 has brought with it all kinds of powerful new features.  Among those are some very cool changes to iRules.  I've already talked about the new class command, the killer new after command and a brand new namespace for you to utilize in your iRuling endeavors. These are far from the only additions to iRules in v10, however.

If you're familiar with our iRules Wiki, then you'll likely notice that the new commands are already showing up in the appropriate places.  They're both in the main commands page, as well as their respective pages based on namespace and/or command type.  There is also, however, a brand new page in the wiki that shows off all of the new v10 commands in one spot.  Check out the "New in Version 10" page for all of the v10 commands rolled into one easy to find page.  I'll continue putting out docs and blogs on individual commands in coming weeks, but wanted to make sure you knew where to find all the info you need to start playing with the new features yourself. 

So to recap:

  • Check out the new class command, the amazing things you can do with it, and an explanation of the changes and how they work. - TechTip
  • Learn about the awesome new after command that allows you to delay the execution of iRules code, making for some very cool possibilities. - TechTip
  • Read more about the new static namespace in iRules and how you can make use of it for the best CMP performance possible. - TechTip
  • Be sure to dive into the NewinVersion10 wiki page for a list of all the new iRules toys added in BIG-IP v10. - WikiPage
  • And last but not least, stay tuned as there are plenty of iRules Tech Tips, blogs, examples and more on their way.