So, after years of putting it off, I've finally taken the plunge and bought an iPod. I think it was the video features that sold me on it. Not sure I'd ever buymy favorite sitcom for sale). I might have to buy just one to try it out.

My first task (after loading my 10GB or so of music), was to see if I could get some local video working. Apple recommends using Quicktime Pro (for $30) but it seems that Apple doesn't want to figure windows media as an input (go figure).

So I headed off to Google for a search and found, what turned out to be, a very powerful video converter (Videora IPod Converter) at the best possible price (freeware)!. I converted one of our DCTV videos and it turned out awesome! I can't wait to try it out with some home movies.

This got me thinking about converting our DCTV videos into pod/vidcasts and expose them for viewing on audio and video players. Does anyone have any interest in this at all? If so, then maybe I can work out a way to expense this latest toy B-). Just imagine this scenario:

   "What the heck is this expense report for an IPOD!"

   "You see boss, I really need brush up on my iRules and the guys over at DevCentral have all their tutorials available as vidcasts". I figured I could watch them on my commute to and from work so that it wouldn't interfere with my time here in the office. If you want, you could fly me out to Seattle and pay for a week of training, but I thought I'd save the company some time and money..."

   "Ummm, Welllll, Urgggg... Great idea - I'm glad I thought of it. Get one for all your staff!"

For those interested in creating videos compatible with your iPod, check out This forum FAQ on the subject as well as this website that details conversion settings for several playback scenarios.

What I'm really want to figure out is how to take a DVD, decode it, and convert it to a format that can be played on my iPod. If only there were a few more hours in the day...

After my first day of use, I'm fairly happy with it. I'll update this post when I've had more play time.