So there's an interesting article over at The Observer that talks about the all to over-examined topic of the impressionable youth being tainted by way of violent games being made available to them. This has long been something pinned on the gaming industry at large as the reason for the rise in violence in our young culture. Never mind the dip in education, interest in any form of actual work, or the horrendous rise of "ADD" (see: too much sugar), these certainly couldn't have any semblance of responsibility in this matter.

I'm pleased to see that someone is actually publishing a report that shows that games don't cause kids to go on violent rampages, armed to the teeth and joyfully doing away with all of their school-mates. Of course, games don't make them turn into wildly spinning blue hedge hogs or mushroom hopping plumbers, either. Likewise do they tend to influence folks to take up a Samurai sword and avenge their family's good name, though all of these things are clearly depicted in video games. It's good to see that someone is trying to allow the gaming industry side-step the accusations which, in my opinion, clearly belong elsewhere.

Why, you ask, is it so hard for people to see that the blame isn't to be laid upon games or even TV, music or movies? That's an excellent question, and I'm glad you asked! This is likely because the true blame falls squarely on those most anxious to find an answer that points elsewhere....the parents. Don't like the violent games your kid is playing? Great, don't let them. Think TV is causing your child to lose their attention span at school? Fabulous, throw out the TV. Of course, I'd recommend checking into the 8 cans of soda, 4 snack-packs, 6 bags of fruit snacks and the pack and a half of bubble-gum they've inhaled so far today. It might be related, but I'm still awaiting test results on that whole "sugar effecting people" thing.

People don't want to hear that they are responsible for their children it seems, but how could they possibly put the blame elsewhere? I played video games, watched TV and movies and even listened to ROCK MUSIC as a young individual. Did they cause me to drop out of school and wander the wastes of the world as a misguided, troubled youth, only to have me return and dive into a violent rampage of a killing spree, acting out my angst against the world that held me down? No. I think torn jeans, flannel shirts, a bad attitude and a bad haircut were about as bad as the effects got. But you know what? That's pretty normal for most teens at one point or another. If I got out of line, my parents put me back in line, video games or other influences be damned.

Did I hate them for it? Yeah, I hated them for that entire 3 hour period between dinner and going to bed, after finding out I was in trouble for acting like an idiot. Then I got over it, put my wicked shredded jeans and killer flannel shirt on, and went back to school and forgot about it.