Earlier this week I took a trip to our new office in San Jose (CA) to talk architecture with our FirePass team. If you haven't heard of FirePass, take a look at it's product site, it's definitely worth checking out. Anyway, we went down to talk architecture and develop a roadmap for iControl features moving forward. I've got my ideas as to what we should prioritize but I'm interested in others views of what should be able to be remotely controlled in a "Remote Access" device. Administration, Statistics, and Monitoring are the obvious ones but I'm interested in the ones that are not so obvious as well. If anyone has some crazy ideas about apps that could interact with a Remote Access device, I'd be VERY interested in hearing of them. As for FirePass itself, I saw some really cool new features that just blew me away. I'm not sure which ones are public yet so I'm going to have to wait until they are announced (Sorry...) As a developer and part time telecommuter I'm always looking into how to optimize my work environment and they've got some stuff that is pretty exciting. Back to iControl, please post comments to this thread if you have ideas on FirePass and what kind of interesting apps you can think of. -Joe