A little FYI... During a break from a team meeting today, Joe Hicks reminded me that as of May 2, 2007, customers with virtually any BIG-IP running v9.1 or later can automatically upgrade to 5 Mbps compression. That's pretty cool. Sure - you paid for the BIG-IP so this isn't exactly something for nothing. However, it's a free upgrade which is always nice, right? What's also cool is that this is an "automagic" reactivitation/click of a button license upgrade.

Once you've done this, you might want browse over to the iRule Wiki to learn how to invoke compression selectively via iRules. (note: you'll need to login to access the wiki)

If you have questions about the upgrade, check in with your F5 account manager.

We'll try to get an interview lined up with Joe to talk about this and the latest updates in the world of acceleration. Maybe we can get Colin to write sample iRule that shows how this compression enhancement works... ? ;-)