On the heels of seeing a job posting for an Application Delivery Support Analyst this ComputerWorld article lists "Application Delivery" as #5 of the top 10 IT skills needed today.

Unlike the job posting, this article actually seems to get the role of an application delivery expert right. While the author only cites the appropriate skills in general terms, at least she hit on all three of the primary categories and, to my surprise, added in the rarely cited fourth domain of application delivery: storage.

Application delivery networks, according to Gartner, are required if companies want to deploy modern browser-based applications and emerging Web services applications. This network overlay responsible for application delivery will demand skills that cross storage, security, network and application development disciplines. Knowledge of application optimization techniques such as protocol offload, caching, application firewalls and others would be required of application delivery experts on staff.

One assumes, then, that if one needs an application delivery expert, one has an application delivery network - or at least will have in the future. 

We have many application delivery experts here at F5. Even though you can't have them, you can have access to their expertise in building out application delivery networks specifically for some of the most well-known applications in the world through F5's Application Ready Networks (ARN). So if you're looking to become an application delivery expert you might want to take advantage of these guides and build yourself some 1337 skillz in application delivery.

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