So last night we got to party with PUSA. As Joe described, it was a pretty damn good time. There was great music, drinks, more music, more drinks, more....well, you get the idea.


Being a long time fan of the Presidents, I took it upon myself to represent fully for the DC Crew. This, of course, meant being in the front row and screaming my freaking lungs out. How close, you ask? Close enough to be blissfully spattered with the tiny dropplets of Chris' sweat, as it poured from his shaved head. It was nice to see that my cohorts from DC represented appropriately, and I found myself far from alone in regards to the screaming and whatnot.

Meeting the band was definitely a highlight. As a musician myself, it was hawesome to have witnessed such a great, high energy rock show in an intimate setting. What was even cooler was to have experienced that, and then meet the guys that put on the show, and have them be cool, down to earth dudes. I was definitely appreciative they took the time to snap a few photos and shake some hands before heading home to nap before their flight to Europe this morning. What cool guys.

I was re-impressed with the Presidents' musicality and ability to produce a massive sound with so little instrumentation. I mean, between the basitar and the guitbass, you're only talking about 5 strings here. That's less than a standard 6-string guitar. Not to mention the fact that they were extremely tight, ridiculously high energy (in a good way), and all together a killer ROK band. Thanks a ton guys for the killer show.

After a nice reprieve of ROK-ing and rolling, it's back to work and all that. At least I'll be dreamin' those ROKstar dreams. ;)