Just dropping a line to point out this excellent video. I only got through the first half of it before the network blipped and it stopped, but I'm not an online video fan (unless you count Strongbad and Ask a Ninja), but this is a longer video that I am actually going back to watch the end of. And it's serious content.

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No matter what your view of Web 2.0 in general, and Wikipedia in particular, these are the two sides that must be reconciled. Since I haven't seen the end yet, the last half could be all opinionated and such, but the first half did a good job of presenting both strengths and weaknesses.

Anyway, thought I'd share. Me? I see both sides of this story. The old way had huge issues because some astoundingly bright voices were never heard due to editor overload, but the new way has some astoundingly bright voices that will never be heard for the noise. Somewhere out there is a reasonable compromise. Of course I'm more forceful about that stand and the negatives of each side in-person, but you get the idea.

There will be the inevitable sniping of both sides about what's "right", but there are valid points to be made both ways, and I thought this video did a good job of showcasing that fact.

Rather amusingly, the medium this is being spread around the world in is... YouTube.