As you've no doubt noticed, there is a bit of duplicate name confusion in the Web 2.0 world. Developers say "Web 2.0" and they mean SOA, dynamic binding, etc. When business people say "Web 2.0" they mean blogs, video, RSS feeds.

DevCentral is an example of Web 2.0, the business version. We've got blogs, video (no DRM, thank you), podcasts, forums, articles, and it's all wrapped together nice as pie.

But DevCentral is also an example of utilizing Web 2.0. Some of the wizardry done behind the scenes and added to by the team is pure Web 2.0 nirvana.

So we get a lot of press about the end-user or business person version of Web 2.0, Jeff and John McAdam have talked about with the press about it repeatedly, people point to DevCentral as the definition of vendor-sponsored community, the list goes on.

The flip side of this is that not much is talked about Web 2.0 from a development perspective. DevCentral is a good example of that, and our ADN (Application Delivery Network) technology is a cornerstone of Web 2.0 networks. Lori is helping people understand the issues in her blog, and we're adding more and more Web 2.0 content all of the time.

That gives you yet another reason to hang out on DevCentral, the Web 2.0 Networking site - because it is both, Web 2.0 and Web 2.0.

Now if only we could get someone to use more intelligent naming - Like Web 2.0 and Development 2.0 or something - so that we're all a little less confused about what, exactly, we're talking about.


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