File virtualization and storage are gaining a lot of mindshare lately, probably because the longer a business runs the more data they have to store. And with compliance regulations, sometimes that means not only more data to store (like all your e-mail) but storing it for a very long time.

And then there's building out large farms of servers to support high volume sites. File virtualization makes a lot of sense when you're trying to manage large numbers of servers, especially if they're essentially clones.

And let's not ignore the other kinds of virtualization; if you're set on OS virtualization you're going to need to store - and potentially share - those images somewhere, and what better way to accomplish that then by using file virtualization?

What? You're not really up on file virtualization and its benefits? Then have I got some good news for you. F5 Acopia Data Solutions will be hosting a free webinar on May 22 on file virtualization. Learn how it works, how to reap the benefits, and get a copy of File Virtualization For Dummies®, hot off the presses.

You can find more information and details as well as register for the webinar here.

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