There are many dynamic things happening every day on DevCentral. While innovative, powerful technology (IMO) helps,it all starts with incredible people. Customers. Industry partners. Resellers and Consultants. F5 staff. And, the DevCentral Team. The work that Joe, Don, and Colin have done and continue to do amazes me. Based upon how many people are reading the Blogs and Tech Tips, posting to the forums, and more, I'm guessing you agree. They've set the bar pretty high.

However, it's just been kicked up another notch with the addition of a new member to the DevCentral Core Team. It's a honor to welcome Jason Rahm, new F5 Solution Developer, to the team. Now, the name may be new to you but his reputation preceeds him. If you spent ANY time in the forums, you've run across him - alias "citizen_elah" - and his over 1,100 posts! Over the years, Jason has spent many an hour configuring, testing, reconfiguring, writing iRules, and more with F5 products. Along the way, he won DevCentral's 1st iRule Contest. He even published a document that has become a top-5 hit with the community - "Graphing Your LTM Environment with Cacti".

Wasting no time jumping in, he's published his first Tech Tip as a team member today that digs into the guts of BIG-IP and it's TCP profile. Check out "Investigating the LTM TCP Profile: Nagle's Algorithm".

While I'm amazed at what the DevCentral Core team has done so far, I have a feeling that Jason's contributions are going make things even more interesting. Welcome Jason!