(No, that's not a typo, and yeah, I know, it's cheesy, but I've been getting that for a long time, so I figured, what the heck :-) )

DebAllen_Nov2006._400x600Anyway, I suppose it's about time I introduced myself.

My name is Deb Allen, and I just recently joined the DevCentral team as a Solution Developer, tasked with developing and documenting some of our more complex traffic and system management solutions.  I've been a fairly active poster in the v9 iRules forum and wiki (username: deb), and now I'm absolutely ecstatic to be working with such a great team, dedicating myself full-time to helping you, my new best friends, here on DevCentral.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you that our products have an amazing array of built-in features and powerful product interoperability potential, both with and without the common TMOS platform.  Since I've been with F5 for almost 7 years as a Consultant, I've seen or heard of just about every cool or bizarre thing you could even think about doing with our products.  I've specialized in deploying advanced features and the various scripting and system management tasks that can make life with F5 gear so much more fun:  monitors, iRules, dynamic routing, logging, alerting, stream replacements, you name it;  plus I think I've reverse-engineered some flavor of just about every app under the sun by means of packet trace analysis.  I may now occasionally take a sip of the F5 Marketing Kool-Aid, but I'm still firmly rooted in technical and business reality, and my primary mission is to help you get your F5 gear to serve up your stuff as perfectly as you could imagine.  With that in mind, my blog will most likely be heavy on F5-related technical trivia, with the occasional attempt at witty observation or relevant topical humor (for which I hope you'll forgive me).

In any case, I'm really excited about my first project:  to build out the much-requested and long-awaited new DevCentral area focused specifically on the complexities of customizing F5 products, alone and together, to support your applications.  You've already got the raw materials, and a bigger, better toolkit is on its way! Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the new Advanced Design & Config forum, wiki, and codeshare -- I'll see you there!