After having this blog account set up for almost a year, I've actually published my first post!

I've been with F5 nearly 8 years now, working as an engineer in several groups that have spanned Services, Sales, and Marketing. Almost 2 years ago I joined our Microsoft Alliance team as the first dedicated engineer, focusing on bringing some of our joint solutions out of the lab and into production environments.

Within those 2 years I've seen tremendous growth within our Microsoft Partnership. Along with being invited into the Microsoft Global ISV program (which less than 200 partners are members of), we've built new relationships with several groups within MSFT, including Unified Communications, Longhorn, Dynamics, MobileM3, Terminal Services, Commerce Server and more.

Unfortunately, one of our team members, and a fellow engineer, JamesH, has decided to take a new role within F5. James was an incredible contributor to our team, but found a CorpDev position in which he truly will add a huge amount of value to F5. Congrats James, and I wish you the best of luck.

I plan on using this blog as a means to communicate some of the work we're doing with MSFT. We're working on some fantastic new joint solutions, and this will make for a great way to update our customers on the progress we’re making. I hope you enjoy reading it, and feel free to post any feedback.