I just saw Joe's entry about his snowy birthday and couch surfing as I was about to post this so it's sort of funny that they go together although it was unplanned.

Seattle and outling areas were pretty much crippled on Tuesday due to the snowfall.  That is the first time that I have stood outside in a snow storm and watched lighting - that was pretty interesting. 

I biked in to the office on my mountain bike on Tuesday.  Between the snow and ice and general slowness of riding the mountain bike, it turned my trip from an hour each way to an hour and forty five minutes each way.  I had several toes that were completely white at the end of each segment even though I was wearing neoprene booties.  The rest of me was fine with the everpresent challenge being staying cool and having sufficient ventilation.  What a difference compared to riding my road bike but I did like the sure footedness it provided.

For F5 providing employees with secure access to the corporate resources they need to get their work done is easy.  We just point them to a URL that is powered by our FirePass SSL VPN devices and they can gain access through a home PC, corporate issued laptop or handheld device all while we ensure that the people are allowed access to what is appropriate for them and the end points being used are secure, up to date and running the latest versions of anti-virus software.

The really cool thing is that even if someone is caught off guard and has left their laptop at the office expecting to be there the next day or perhaps they only have a desktop system for work and can't get into the office, they are still able to be productive by using a home system.  With FirePass it's very straight forward to turn up remote access in case of a disaster or a snow storm all without compromising security.

There are other ways of providing remote access but they either require that everything be provisioned before hand and that users have their devices with them or that the company accepts a reduced security stance.  None of them allow you to enable the service quickly, not compromise security and deal with users who may not have their corporate issued devcies the way that FirePass can.

Tonight more snow is being forecasted.  We'll see if it impacts the city the same way that Monday's snowfall did.  I wonder what other companies around here are doing when their employees get stuck on somebody's couch?  We're set thanks to FirePass.

BTW, the trip to Seoul went well.  Great turn out for our solution day there.  I flew Air Canada through Vancouver (nice downhill rig on the city's website!) to Seoul.  The planes they use for that route are 767s and the interiors are pretty tired.  I wouldn't recommend that route to others until they upgrade the planes. 

Skiing over the US Thansgiving break was fantastic!  Lots of fresh snow.  Best early season I've seen in many years.