As a developer, and one that works with iRules on a daily (hourly?) basis,it's often easy to overlook certain steps of the process people take when investigating a technology like this.  I've recently spoken with a few different people, some on our team, some community members here at DevCentral, some part of the gray masses not falling directly into either of those categories, about iRules in different capacities. It seems that once people get over the initial hurdle of figuring out what iRules are and how they're generally used, things like the Wiki documentation are extremely helpful.

So what about the rest of you? What about those people that might be curious about iRules (or any coding technology for that matter, iRules, iControl or otherwise) but don't really know much about it. What if you're a network engineer and not a developer? What kinds of things would be useful for you to get started.  And when I say "get started"  I mean in the "Gee Sam, what is this strange new thing? *poke*  *poke*" sense, not the "code-fu-master, already a programmer and picking up one more language is a no-brainer", sense.

Some of the things that the people I've talked with brought up have made perfect sense to me. Some I'd already thought of but just haven't gotten around to creating and putting up for the community to use yet for some reason or another, some were things I've never thought of but probably should have. I'm curious to hear what you would like, or what would help you in your endeavors with these technologies.

Maybe you're new and trying to figure out where to start (What is an iRule? How do I enable one on my BIG-IP? How do I get it to do something? Where do I put the code some cool person in the DevCentral forums gave me?), or maybe you're trying to convince your manager what this magic is and how you can best wield it to shape the forces of the universe...and optimize data on your network. Whatever the case, I'd really like to hear what kinds of things would help you get started.

As such, I've created a forum topic for exactly this purpose.  You can go here (gotta be a log in or sign-up now) to talk about what it is you'd like to see on DevCentral to get you where you need to go. Whether that's a PDF listing all of the possible iRule commands so you don't have to go to every Wiki page to get a local copy of the list, or top ways that you might be able to convince your pointy-haired manager that using iRules/iControl is a good idea, I'd love to hear about it. You can vote in the Poll and let me know what you think about each of the options I've listed, or pick "Other" and post exactly what you mean in the forum so I can hear what the community has to say.


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