I've posted here before about the Garmin Edge 305 that I received as a gift from my wife.  I've continued to use it and capture my ride data.  The thing that makes it really interesting though is the community of other GPS users who are doing the same. 

I've been using Garmin's site called Motion Based.  There you can find all sorts of people from around the world sharing data that they've captured. In addition to keeping track of the guy who likes to bike in Iraq, you can download other people's rides to your device, follow their route and see how you are doing compared to them by riding against a virtual partner.  You can also see "dot races" (under the "more actions" pull down menu) where you select two or more events and they show up as moving dots on a map comparing the two data sets. I think of it more as a way to facilitate electronic trash talk. 

To date I've been using my previous rides (here's one) as my virtual partner to track (mostly) improvements.  I've turned a few other guys at work on to the Edge so I'll have to try and arrange riding the same route as them sometime.

Motion Based has had some serious performance issues of late.  They have been taking some steps to improve but they still have a long way to go.  Despite that and continued heart rate monitor flakiness, what makes the Edge unit interesting to me is the community of other users. 

Yesterday F5 announced the availability of the iRule Editor.  One of the things that I think will be most interesting for our customers in addition to the assistance it provides for building iRules is how easy it makes contributing iRules to the DevCentral community or using iRules that others have contributed.  I believe that people will get the same type of enthusiasm for that as I get from the Motion Based community - the experience reaches beyond the product.