We're exceptionally acronym-compliant around here. But, what technology company isn't, right? We get some interesting questions regarding our ARN initiative (Application Ready Network). Common questions include:

  • What is it?
  • Aren't those just templates?
  • How does a company actually use ARN?
  • What are the technical impacts and benefits?
  • How is ARN different from other solutions?
  • How do they actually work?

To get these answers from the experts, I set up an interview with some F5 folks that work with our ARN efforts day in and day out to ask them these questions and others.

However, I'm sure you have some questions too. This week, we'll be collecting your questions and include them in the interview scheduled for next week.

Post your questions here and I'll include as many as possible so that you can get the answers from the source. Post away!