Apparently quite a bit if it can be turned into an acronym...

Quick. Say the acronym "ROC" out loud. Now choose the picture that immediately came to your mind.



So how many of you chose D, the F5 VIPRION?

Yeah, I didn't think so. That's the problem with names, or at least names that can be turned into acronyms that just happen to be associated with very commonplace or popular objects, places, and people.

See, I was out reading the Internet and came across a job posting for something called a Resource Optimization Controller. The job isn't really all that technology related, except that it entails making use of technology to get resources (human capital) optimized. I, of course, immediately thought that resource optimization is exactly what VIPRION and BIG-IP are all about, and that this term was perfect for describing F5's core platforms.

After all, neither platform is just load balancing, each is about optimizing and managing resources in a way that makes sense; that makes the most out of the resources available to ensure sites are secure, fast, and available. It can dynamically route requests based on the current resources available on servers - from memory to CPU to open connections - to optimize those resources in a way that increases performance as well as efficiency. Both can offload compute intensive tasks in order to free up resources that could be better used to serve applications rather than performing complex mathematical operations. And both are capable of tweaking transport and application protocols to squeeze the best performance possible out of your web applications. That's certainly optimizing resources, isn't it?

So don't they sound like a resource optimization controller? Why yes, yes they do! That's why my mind immediately associated the term ROC with F5. Unfortunately, that's exactly why it just wouldn't catch on. Other people's minds are going to associate ROC with something else, because they don't live and breathe this particular kind of technology on a daily basis.

So I guess for now I'll just continue visualizing what I've always visualized when I hear the term "ROC".1

Imbibing: Mountain Dew

1In case you were wondering, *I* would have chosen (A), the (allegedly) mythical roc. Interestingly enough, it may be that the roc might have actually existed, if Haast's Eagle is taken into consideration.