Boy I have to say, every time I wipe the egg off my face a new batch gets smeared on there.

In this recent blog post I misused the term "Panacea". It was late, I was cleaning things up, and I was thinking plethora and wrote Panacea.

Thing is, I had recently turned on "Search Engine Friendly URLs", which generates the URL a blog post resides at from the title, so by the time I noticed it, changing the title would have broken a bunch of links. And links just keep getting added.

So, what do you think the blog post picked up by everyone from Reuters to Computer Shopper would be? Mentioned in my old publication Network Computing? Yeah, you guessed it. I've had blog posts get wide coverage before, but of course nothing this huge.

Smile at my predicament, but forgive my faux pax. Eventually, new links will stop getting generated to this particular post, and it will sink into oblivion.

Now, off to see if I can get Rogue Wave Hydra written up before that avalanche I see coming lands on me.



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