Interesting read over at The Register that posits the question "will Flex SOAP 1.1 work with .NET betas?"

The steps he went through and how he got things going was mildly interesting, more interesting to me was that he even had to ask.

I cannot say how happy I am that the answer was a resounding "Yes, they work together", because if we ever see a "no, these two mainstream Web Services products don't inter-operate" (ignoring those first few painful versions of yesteryear when people were figuring it out), then SOAP has well and truly failed.

The entire purpose of SOAP is interoperability, we shouldn't need to ask these questions. Indeed, they shouldn't even occur to us and the environment should be such that if we try and they don't work together, we assume that we did something wrong.

But some vendor will do it, guaranteed. Trying to get you to use their tools only, they'll fail to support the standard correctly. When that happens, we, as an industry, need to slap them.

Until then, we get to continue to flourish in Nirvana.



/reading: Programming Ruby - free electronic version.

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