Earlier this week I rode in a car from JFK airport in New York to Manhattan and synchronized about 20MB worth of email on the way.  For some reason I thought this was more novel than using FirePass from an airplane.

The car was a Toyota Prius run by a company called Ozocar.  The car was equipped with satellite Internet access.  I'm not sure which service they used - the driver didn't know.  They had a Linksys wireless router connected to the sattelite access so I was able to fire up my laptop and jump on the nework while rolling through traffic.  They also had a standard 110V power strip at the bottom of the back seat in case your battery was low.  One quick double click on my handy dandy FirePass VPN Tray Client and I was connected to the mother ship and synchronizing all my mail from the flight!  The setup worked like a champ until we got into the high rises in the city and the satellite service was spotty.

I thought it was a pretty neat set up.