With any luck I am already AFK for a visit with Don’s mother and his family for Thanksgiving. And I’m really (really, I swear) going to be AFK (away from keyboard) for the entire time.

Really. I’m serious this time, stop looking at me like that. Ever heard of “pre-publishing?”

So while I’m out, you might need something to read. And if so, you might want something you can read two or three times because, well, it was that entertaining.

If that’s the case, I highly recommend you give “BSOFH:  Catering to a niche market.” a read. Or two.

And have a wonderful Thanksgiving. See you next week!

Disclaimer: If you are enjoying a beverage please put it down before visiting this link. I am not responsible for keyboards or screens damaged by the involuntary loss of beverage-type fluids due to uncontrollable laughter.

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