That is a very good question. I never considered blogging before, never thought anyone would be interested in what I have to say.

Although just because I blog, does not mean that you will be interested in what I have to say...

I have been working for F5 for 4 years now, mainly supporting our Channel and SI partners. These days I work directly with larger customers on a range of F5 specific solutions. I also look after customers in Ireland where I live. So in advance of March 17th, Happy St. Patricks Day!

My focus has been mainly availability and security. As a CISSP and a member of OWASP, I have a keen interest in the latter and I guess this is the topic that excites me. When I say excites, I mean in a good way and a bad way, particularly when I see blatant flouting of basic security practice.

I will have a rant here when something takes my fancy. Be forewarned I am grumpy and tend go off on one quite often.

Gary Newe

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