Perhaps for those of you that followed the saga of Nintendo's Wii at E3, this is no surprise. But according to Famitsu, a Japanese-language game and entertainment magazine, about 88% of people asked think PS3 is going to be too expenseive. With PS3's price knocking it out of the way for Nintendo to grab more market share, things are sizing up well for Mario and his pals.

It turns out that 69% of the people polled stated that they were most looking forward to the Wii's release. This is in contrast to the 21% that are most excited about the PS3. Given these numbers, it looks like the Wii may have quite the promising future indeed. I have to assume that a non-negligable percentage of the people currently stating they are most excited about the Wii might change their tune if the PS3 cost, oh, say half what it's going to. I know I'd be more interested then.

Only time will tell what Sony does to try and counteract the foul taste they've so painfully injected into the mouths of the hearts of gamers 'round the world. I'm pretty sure that makes no sense...but hey, I know what I meant.