When you’re thinking about deploying an application it would be good to remember Yoda’s words regarding the Sith: Always two there are, a master and an apprentice.



Like Sith Lords, there should always be two instances of any given application available. Just in case. And that doesn’t mean two virtual servers – unless each one is on a different piece of hardware. If you want to ensure availability then you absolutely must not confine your application to one piece of hardware.

But Lori, you say, if one virtual instance becomes unavailable because of a hardware failure the cloud automation system will just kick in and launch a new one. This is cloud, for crying out loud, doncha know?

That’s true, and that’s one of the benefits of cloud computing and automation, but what is often overlooked is that the application will likely be unavailable for several minutes while that secondary instance launches unless it’s already sitting around idle waiting in the background. Just in case.

So when you’re deploying applications remember that they should be like Sith Lords: Always there are two, and they absolutely must be separated. Virtual instances of the same application belong on two different physical machines, just like non-virtual instances.


WILS: Write It Like Seth. Seth Godin always gets his point across with brevity and wit. WILS is an ATTEMPT TO BE concise about application delivery TOPICS AND just get straight to the point. NO DILLY DALLYING AROUND.

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