Ok, I've been goofing around with the new Windows Live Messenger Beta for a few weeks now and it seems that I've got some invitations (I guess it's hard to get on the beta list).

Here's a list of the new features in the updated Messenger (from the Windows Live Messenger Blog).

Your Contacts : Unified Contacts, 600 Messenger Contacts, Word Wheel, Edit your contact’s Info, Nicknames (Rename your contacts)
The Art of Instant Messaging : Offline IMs, Conversations While Appearing Offline, Time Stamps
Messenger Face Lift : Orange, Pick Your Color, Toning it Down, Display Picture Functionality, Frameless Menu Entry, Fixed Scrolling
Sharing : How-to, Safety, Updating Files, Multiple Computers, Size Doesn’t Matter, With whom?
Computer-2-Phone Calling : Cheap and easy, Crystal Quality, MCI Partnership
Windows Live Video Integration : See the latest Videos

A bunch of cool new stuff. Since I've only got a couple of invites, I thought I'd make a contest out of it. If you want one of my invites, here's how you can win one:

  1. Post a comment with one of your New Years Resolutions.
  2. After I receive sufficient entries, the top 3 that show the most applicability to networking technology will win the invites (this should be interesting).
  3. Please keep the entries clean and tasteful, my kids view this site B-).
  4. Make sure you include contact information (a website, email, etc) so I can send you the invite if you are a winner.

Good luck!


Please don't add a reply unless you include a "networking" related resolution. I'm just going to throw out all the others...