After much hype, deadline adjustments, promises and announcements, Windows Vista is finally "finished". I say "finished" because it's not in stores yet, so I can't say released. Today marks the day when the code was shipped to manufacturing.

Of course, there's going to be some time needed to produce the fourteen-quadrillionplex copies that will be sold and distributed in the days and weeks following the official release-release (not to be confused with this semi-release), but that's to be expected. Apparently we should be able to have our hands on it in retail stores by January 30th. Of course, that is, while supplies last.

As for me, I'm just as curious as most techies to get my hands on and play with this "revolutionary" new way of computing. I've seen some demos at conventions and talked to a few folks in the know, but what they could show and tell me was limited, obviously, and I'm curious to take it for a test drive myself. I know there will be that strange period of getting aquainted with something that looks, feels and operates differently than what everyone's been using since, well, effectively Windows 95, but hopefully the results will be worth it. If the image showing how the "Network" icon is quite possibly poking fun at Ted Stevens, then I think I might be in love. ;)

Even still, I'll still never leave my linux systems completely behind...but that's a story for another day.