EvoMobilePhonesA critical mass of 3 or more engineers in a room for more than 4 hours at a time will (with ~90% certainty) evolve (devolve?) into a conversation starting with that old gem:

"Well, I remember when..."

Last week it was all about membership in The 300 Baud Club.  If "Hayes AT command set" means anything to you, follow his links for this and some other serious geek history.

This week it's mobile phones. Check out this video: The Evolution of Mobile Phones.  I was shocked to see how many of these tiny expensive things I've personally owned, being a non-technophile for all these years & all.

I was sort of surprised that one old fave of mine didn't make the cut:  The original "smartphone", the Nokia 9000 Communicator, (which you may remember was prominently featured in the 1997 movie "The Saint".)  Back in '96/'97 I subcontracted at PacBell Mobile Services, working with Nokia on the initial deployment of this phone back when the US GSM network was still in diapers.  The Communicator ran a DOS-based OS on an Intel processor (pretty forward-thinking, eh?!?) and was one of the first devices to leverage SMS for higher level data services.  I think it would have gained much wider acceptance if the price point had been lower (about $2K just for the device. Cool, but not that cool, I guess) and if it had weighed just a bit less - almost a pound, IIRC.

BIG-IP wasn't quite there yet in 1996, but F5 caught the wave later & we've since been instrumental in 2G/3G implementations around the globe, regularly adding features that are key to supporting a robust worldwide wireless infrastructure.  4G, look out - we're so on it!