After a red-eye flight on Monday night, I arrived this morning in Miami bright and early at 7:00AM (4:00AM Seattle time). I slept a bit on the plane but needless to say it was very restless. I got to the Hotel a bit after 8:00 and got checked into my room (the best feature being unlimited Wi-Fi). I mustered enough strengths (I've been suffering a bit recently from a slight flu that's been going) to head downstairs for the included breakfast (which I made by 15 minutes). Muffins, fruits and cereals just hit the spot.

I found out that my morning session with the Basic Security Profile working group was cancelled due to a concurrent OASIS WSS call that the majority of the group had to sit in on so I headed back to my room to rest for an hour or so. I got a call from the kids at 10:30 while they were eating breakfast and quickly fell back asleep. Not sure if it was the plane ride, the lagging flu, or what but I didn't wake up until 1:30. I guess my body needed the rest.

I was able to make the afternoon sessions after lunch. The main content of the afternoon sessions was the Testing Tools (TT) assertion document review as well as a new proposal on Enhanced Logging for Security.

I'm now going to grab a bite of food before tonights BoF sessions on MTOM and The State of Web Services. I'm not sure which one I'm going to attend yet. Tomorrows post will highlight that talk.

If anyone out there is at the meeting, grab me and say hi.

[Listening to: Everytime I Look for You - Blink 182 - Take Off Your Pants & Jacket (03:05)]