This morning was the opening session (meaning "big pow-wow to try to rally the troups"). Andy Astor of webMethods opened things up and introduced the president of WS-I, Tom Glover of IBM. Tom talked about the deliverables that WS-I has released recently and about the great support from analysts and press that has been achieved.

Andy then came back and went over an updated website that is soon to be made public. (I thought I heard the same thing in the last plenary but I guess they are really close now...).

Next came the technical Showcase. First up was Kieron Drake (, Head of Technical Architecute at Deutsche Bank. Here are the business problems that they are addressing

  • Enabling Secure access for external clients to post-trade data    
  • Improving automation of trade processing    
  • Trade Entry (capture) for structured financial products    
  • Interoperability between MS, BEA, and Open-sourced Java    
  • Help support move to SOA internally

An example he gave was processing using an XML Firewall (no details on which one). He did mention that after scanning the logs they found a large quantity of well-formed WS-Security based DOS attacks. He mentioned that the script-kiddies out there are WS-I compliant.


  • Enabled Deutsche Bank clients to access their post trade data while supporting confidentiality requirements    
  • Removed support and maintenance of previous solutions    
  • First external facing secure web services using WS-Security stack    
  • Found, and fixed, interoperability issues in both MS and BEA products.    
  • Trade captuer system being implemented faster and more cheaply and we re-use existing servers

Next came Vincent Kowalski (, Architect at BMC

Introduction: BMC Software is a leading provider of enterprise management solutions that empower companies to manage IT from a business perspective.

Corporate Strategy: Business Services Management. BSM provides an adaptable real-time solution for closely linking business operations with underlying IT components.

BMC "Open Portal": provides software components that can be integrated into any customer portal environment allowing for the flexible integration of tools, applications, and data sources in combination and configurations that are limited only by the imaginations of its users.

The core of their architecture relies on Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSFP). This provides presentation-oriented web serlets. This is needed for SharePoint integration and portlet/portal interoperability.

The Last presenter was Tim Ewald, ex Microsoftie, now Best Practices Evangelist at MindReef. The key points of his presentation was the following:

Best Practices: Adopt WS-I conformance as a requirement (helps guarantees broader reach).
Test early and often! (start dev process otherwise it may be too late).
Continuing process to make sure services remain compliant.
Break until lunch...