#SDN There's a lot going on in networking these days…

One of our product development senior architects put this together for an introductory presentation on SDN. It's a great list of existing and nascent overlay protocols including encapsulation overhead, bridge and transport types, as well as links to the specifications.


  Std Std Link Spec # of pages Complexity Bridge Type Transport Encap Overhead in Bytes
QinQ 802.1ad IEEE 15 Low L2 L2  
PBB 802.1ah IEEE 30 Medium L2 L2  
SPB 802.1aq IEEE ($5.00)  340 High L2 L2 22
Edge Virtual Bridge 802.1Qbg IEEE ($5.00) 191 High      
VNTag 802.1BR IEEE ($5.00) 135   L2    
TRILL RFC 6325-7 IETF 150 High     20
LISP IETF Draft IETF 98 High L2, L3 UDP  
OTV IETF Draft IETF 27 Medium L2 UDP  
MPLS RFC 3031-2 IETF 62   L2 L2  
VPLS RFC 4761-2 IETF 29 Low L2 L2+MPLS  
OpenFlow ONF Draft ONF 106 High L2 L2  
vCDNI None VMware 0 Low L2 L2  
VXLAN IETF Draft IETF 20 Low L2 UDP 50
NVGRE IETF Draft IETF 19 Low L2 IP 42
STT IETF Draft IETF 20 Low L2 Fake TCP  

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