I've said this before, even asked this less formally before, but we've got 3x the users we did just around a year ago, so it bears asking again.

As you no doubt could guess, we spend quite a bit of time talking about what kind of content we provide to you and what will provide you with the best information in a timely manner.

Our dilemma is of course that there are 30,000 of you and four of us (five if you count our fearless leader, a few more if you count the extended team), and while some of you provide excellent content that helps us out a lot, we still have to focus our time on what will help the most of you or items that will tell you about things you may not have been considering. It's a struggle that we engage in pretty regularly, trying to balance our coverage.

The thing is, we can make these determinations in a vacuum - we know why you're here - but prefer to get your input so that our coverage is focused on what you feel is important. We've got a six month calendar to guide our coverage, but want your help making that calendar even more useful.

With that in mind, I'm dropping you a poll to see what you think.

Check as many as you like, let us know what you want/need. We're here to help you do your job, so don't hesitate to clue us in on how we can do that better!
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