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All I want for Christmas is a hybrid cloud

**********   Dear Santa,   I hope you and the reindeers are as excited as I am about Christmas! Make sure you get plenty of rest between now and then, so you can deliver all those lovely presents all over the world on... Read more
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The intrinsic asymmetric division of BIG-IQ

The intrinsic what? In cell division, when intrinsic asymmetric division occurs (a parent cell divides), the two new daughter cells are not equal and exhibit different properties. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asymmetric_cell_division] So,... Read more
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“Bimodal IT” the hot topic @ Gartner 2015, Australia

Dateline Gold Coast, Australia, October 2015, at Australia’s largest IT event.   “This is a decisive moment. A digital wave is sweeping through every industry, organization and culture. There is no room to stand on the sidelines, no safe... Read more
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F5 IoT Ready平台

This blog is adapted from the original post here.   “物聯網“的應用與支持物連網服的各項應用程式正在改變著我們的生活方式。研究顯示運動與健康相關產業部門到2017年有41%的年增長率,將增長到近170萬台設備,在未來幾年隨著越來越多的設備、服裝或感應器成為司空見慣的的事情,職場工作模式的變化將是一個巨大的挑戰。 ... Read more
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Three Key Business Driver in Cloud Adoption

- Surprisingly, business owners and business line C-level executives increasingly become the driving force of cloud adoption in the organizations- In the last couple of years, business around the world have witnessed the shift toward cloud... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: How do you operationalize a hybrid world?

One of the unintended consequences of cloud is the operational inconsistency it introduces. That inconsistency is introduced because cloud commoditizes the infrastructure we're used to having control over and visibility into. everything fro... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: Keeping the licensing creep out of expanding software options

One of the funny things about infrastructure moving toward a mix of hardware and software (virtual or traditional) is that the issues that plague software come with it. Oh, maybe not right away, but eventually they crawl out of the deep recesse... Read more
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The evolution of F5's integration with Cisco ACI

On Tuesday the 27th of January we announced the introduction of F5's BIG-IQ management platform to our Cisco APIC integration - the original integration being direct between APIC and the F5 application delivery controller (ADC). On... Read more
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How you integrate network services matters

This post is cross-posted at https://blogs.cisco.com/datacenter/how-you-integrate-network-services-matters Polymorphism is a concept central to object-oriented programming. The notion of polymorphism is used to extend the capabilities of a basi... Read more
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F5 Friday: The Value of a Full-Stack Partnership

There's a common movie and television trope (known as the Third Wheel) that revolves around a guy, his girlfriend and either his or her "bestie". You know it - it's the bestie hates girlfriend or boyfriend trope, and it's a... Read more
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مجموعة كانو توسّع وتطور خدمة العملاء بالاستفادة من تطبيقات وخدمات الأعمال

مجموعة كانو التي تعتبر إحدى أكبر اتحادات الشركات الرائدة على مستوى المنطقة تعزز وتنمي حلولها الأمنية الخاصة بتطبيقات وخدمات الأعمال في مراكز بياناتها المنتشرة في الإمارات العربية المتحدة ومملكة البحرين والمملكة العربية السعودية أعلنت... Read more
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Software Defined Transformation - Management and Orchestration with F5 Synthesis

In this article we will look at how F5 continues to deliver the Management and Orchestration solutions for deploying Application Delivery Controller (ADC) platform services. We will begin with explaining how F5 approached Management solutions and... Read more
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Application Centric Configuration of F5 BIG-IP in Cisco ACI Using BIG-IQ

As part of the BIG-IQ 4.5.0 release, we are releasing an "Early Access" integration for APIC that allows users to build custom device packages to expose any functionality that can be expressed via an iApp using BIG-IQ. If you want to try... Read more
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Today F5 is announcing a new F5® BIG-IQ™ 4.5. This release includes a new BIG-IQ component – BIG-IQ ADC. Version 4.5 isn't just another dot release. IMHO, this release should have been numbered 5.0. With this release, BIG-IQ is finally... Read more
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Harnessing the Full Power of F5 BIG-IP in Cisco ACI using BIG-IQ

Extending F5’s integration with Cisco ACI, this demo shows how F5 iApps are utilized to expose application services into Cisco APIC via F5’s BIG-IQ management platform. A true application centric approach, leveraging iApps to configure almost... Read more
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Monitoring BIG-IP on Microsoft’s System Center with the Comtrade Management Pack for F5 BIG-IQ

Comtrade has released a Management Pack (MP) for Microsoft Systems Center (SCOM ) that uses F5’s BIG-IQ to monitor F5 BIG-IP devices and the applications they are helping deliver. The MP allows users to view all BIG-IP objects and see key... Read more
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F5 Friday: Applications aren't protocols. They're Opportunities.

Applications are as integral to F5 technologies as they are to your business. An old adage holds that an individual can be judged by the company he keeps. If that holds true for organizations, then F5 would do well to be judged by the vast array... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: Massive Scale Needs Management

#sdas #virtualization Scaling virtual infrastructure is one thing, managing it is another When virtualization first took off there was a fear - and it was a valid fear - of virtual sprawl. Virtual sprawl was the end result of spawning lots and... Read more
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VMware PEX 2014: NSX Integration Demo (Cano solo)

Charlie Cano, Biz Dev Sr Solution Architect, demonstrates how F5 services can be deployed and configured from within NSX into the environment. This integration provides access to everything available on the BIG-IP platform. Deploy to physical or... Read more
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Interop2013: BIG-IQ Cloud

I meet with Dan Kim, F5 Product Manager for Management Solutions, to learn more about BIG-IQ, BIG-IQ Cloud and the benefits of a management system that can span multiple cloud environments. BIG-IQ Cloud automates and orchestrates the deployment of... Read more
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F5 introduceert BIG-IQ Cloud

Gisteren kondigde F5 de BIG-IQ cloud oplossing aan: een nieuwe management oplossing voor het uitrollen van een application delivery en netwerk service voor zowel publieke als private clouds, traditionele datacenters en hybride omgevingen. BIG-IQ... Read more
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