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True or False: Application acceleration solutions teach developers to write inefficient code

It has been suggested that the use of application acceleration solutions as a means to improve application performance would result in programmers writing less efficient code. In a comment on “The House that Load Balancing Built” a reader... Read more
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Acceleration ABCs - Z is for Zebra

There's an old medical adage that goes something like "When you hear hoof beats look for horses, not zebras."  Zebras are rare and exotic, while horses are much more common. It is often times best to think of common solutions... Read more
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Acceleration ABCs - X is for XML

I am frequently asked what can be done to accelerate XML.  There are two ways an application delivery controller can accelerate XML: Compression - XML is a markup language that is text based.  Text is easily compressible and can... Read more
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9 ways to use network-side scripting to architect faster, scalable, more secure applications

You may recall a recent overview on network-side scripting that described a few uses of this technology integrated with application delivery controllers. With thousands of examples of the uses of network-side scripting it's hard to choose just... Read more
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The ironic truth about the ugly truth about web application acceleration

Lately I've been seeing quite a few links to a white paper popping up in my alerts and feed-reader. Regardless of who's linking to it, it generally reads as promising to reveal some grand secret about how web application acceleration is an... Read more
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Automatically detecting client speed

We used to spend a lot of cycles worrying about detecting user agents (i.e. browser) and redirecting clients to the pages written specifically for that browser. You know, back when browser incompatibility was a way of life. Yesterday. ... Read more
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Dear Data Center Guy

You walked past me again today without stopping. I remember when you used to stop and admire my glowing red ball every day. But that was back when I was brand new and you thought I was the center of your data center. I heard you talking to some... Read more
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8 things you can do with an ADC to make your apps secure, fast, and available

An application delivery controller (ADC) essentially acts a reverse proxy. That means that client requests interact with the ADC, and the ADC interacts with web and application servers on the client's behalf. This mediation offers t... Read more
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Application Acceleration: To Compress or Not Compress

One of the core components of an application acceleration solution is almost always compression, and almost always implemented using industry standard algorithms supported by the ubiquitous browser. Compression is used as an application... Read more
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