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The Unpossible Task of Eliminating Risk

An ant named Archimedes is in a hole 6' deep. He climbs half the distance to the top every hour. How long does it take for him to escape the hole? Trick question. He can never, mathematically, escape. Realistically, we know that when... Read more
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4 reasons not to use mod_security

Apache is a great web server if for no other reason than it offers more flexibility through modules than just about any other web server. You can plug-in all sorts of modules to enhance the functionality of Apache. But as I often say, just because... Read more
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Layer 4 vs Layer 7 DoS Attack

Not all DoS (Denial of Service) attacks are the same. While the end result is to consume as much - hopefully all - of a server or site's resources such that legitimate users are denied service (hence the name) there is a subtle difference in... Read more
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If this report doesn't scare you, nothing will

Verizon Business recently released its 2008 Data Breach Investigations Report, covering more than 500 different security breach incidents occurring in the past four years. It's a fascinating read and should be mandatory for business and IT... Read more
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PCI DSS Deadline Looming Large While Debate Continues - WAF vs VA

According to a recent ComputerWorld article, most retailers aren't ready for the forthcoming June deadline for PCI DSS compliance. From ComputerWorld :: Few expected to make June 30 PCI deadline for Web application securityMost retailers will... Read more
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(Security) Thunder from Down Under

This is an interesting article from Network World about how CIOs in Australia and New Zealand perceive security as being easier than reducing costs. The IDC Annual Forecast for Management report surveyed 363 IT executives from Australia (254... Read more
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WhiteHat + F5: "The Future Now"

You may have heard earlier this month that F5 Networks & WhiteHat Security have partnered to provide dynamic web application firewall security via an unprecedented combination of proactive vulnerability identification & dynamic... Read more
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