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iControl 101 - #07 - User Management

iControl is a robust management API that not only encompasses the control of network management objects, but also many other aspects of the system level configuration. This article will discuss the methods used to create and manage all aspects of... Read more
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iControl 101 - #06 - File Transfer APIs

The main use we see for iControl applications is with the automation of control features such as adding, removing, enabling, and disabling objects.   Another key step in multi-device management is the automation of applying hotfixes and... Read more
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iControl 101 - #05 - Exceptions

When designing the iControl API, we had two choices with regards to API design.  The first option was to build our methods to return status codes as return values and outbound data as "out" parameters.  The other option was to... Read more
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iControl 101 - #04 - Language Options

So you know how iControl works and you've been through the taxonomy of the interfaces so you are fairly clear on how to navigate the API.  The next logical step is to start writing some code.  This article will discuss several... Read more
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iControl 101 - #03 - iControl Taxonomy

In the last two topics in this series, I discussed a bit about what iControl is from a marketing perspective and how the various components of iControl fit together.  In this article, I will go over the taxonomy of the iControl API explaining... Read more
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iControl 101 - #02 - How iControl Works

So, now that you've got the marketing overview of iControl all figured out, the next question you are likely to have is regarding how iControl works from a technical perspective.  This article will attempt to illustrate the various... Read more
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16 Reviews

iControl 101 - #01 - iControl Marketing Dissected

Introduction Welcome to the first class in iControl Basics 101 where we will discuss what the heck iControl is and how it can be used to help automate network based tasks such as server provisioning and application deployment.  I'm going... Read more
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