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RSA 2015 - The Preview Video

I give a preview of RSA 2015, running April 20 – 23 in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. F5 will showcase a number of solutions that help organizations defend against the threats to their data and protect the perimeter. Visit us in Booth 1515 to... Read more
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Intrinsic Security - The Key to Effective Hybrid DDoS Protection

Do you love security?  Are you simultaneously fascinated and petrified by the damage inflicted by a single DDoS attack?  Understandably, you want to learn more about DDoS defense solutions.  Well, you came to the right place! ... Read more
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UAE IT Decision-Makers Highlight Growing Scale and Impact of DDoS Attacks

​Ahead of tomorrow's IDC CIO summit in Dubai, F5 Networks has released new survey findings highlighting UAE IT decision-makers' views on DDoS attacks. Out of 102 respondents from companies with at least 500 employees, 55% said they... Read more
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UAE Cybersecurity Threat Landscape Growing in Intensity and Complexity

Leading UAE IT decision-makers agree that cybersecurity threats are growing in intensity and scale across the region.  According to a new survey commissioned by F5 Networks, 81% of surveyed IT decision-makers believed their organisation... Read more
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Madness DDoS Bot Analysis

Madness is a relatively new, constantly evolving, Denial of Service bot. We have been monitoring this bot’s functionalities for the last months, and it certainly represents a big progress in the DoS area of expertise.        ... Read more
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Lizard Squad Leaked Database

Recently the hacker group “Lizard Squad” got worldwide attention for their high profile DDoS operations against Xbox, Sony and others. Several members of the group have since been arrested. These events were covered by many news and security... Read more
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آخر تطورات مشهد تهديدات الأمن الالكتروني في المملكة العربية السعودية "الهجمات أصبحت أكثر قوةً وتعقيداً من أي وقت مضى"

: أقر كبار صناع القرار في قطاع تقنية المعلومات بالمملكة العربية السعودية بأن التهديدات الالكترونية تتنامى بشدة وعلى نطاق واسع في جميع أنحاء المملكة، ما يعرض الشركات لمخاطر إصابة سمعتها ومكانتها وبنيتها الأساسية. وقد أظهرت نتائج الدراسة... Read more
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Saudi Cybersecurity Threat Landscape “More Intense and Complex Than Ever”

Leading Saudi IT decision-makers agree that cybersecurity threats are growing in intensity and scale across the Kingdom. The situation is putting businesses at risk of hits to both reputation and bottom line. A new survey commissioned by F5... Read more
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Scrubbing away DDoS attacks

Bigger and badder than ever DDoS attacks are an IT professionals’ nightmare – they can knock out applications that generate revenue and facilitate communications, or even more fundamentally, take down entire networks. What’s worse, they are... Read more
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Comment se protéger des cyberattaques DDOS ?

De nombreux sites Web institutionnels et de Presse Français connaissent actuellement des cyberattaques visant à les rendre indisponibles ou à en défigurer le contenu.Cyberattaques en défigurationDans le cas d’attaques en... Read more
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F5 Friday: The DPS of a DDoS has doubled

DPS, or damage per second, is a somewhat self-describing term for the amount of damage that can be dealt (by a single person or a group) in one second. It's typically used by players of online games such as World of Warcraft or Diablo. Not... Read more
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Security Pinterest 2014

I would have put this in the "1024 Words" category, but I think I might have went over budget on the words. Enjoy! Read more
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Size doesn’t matter: Australian businesses not spared immunity from cyber attacks

We have all heard or read about, at least one cyber attack that has taken place in the last three months. Most recently in August, we witnessed the widely reported nude celebrity photo leak that not only raised concerns for privacy, but also the... Read more
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Securing the future of the telecommunications industry in Australia

Over the last 50 years, our means of communicating with one another has evolved radically through the influence of technology. From the telegram to emails, from the telephone call to over-the-top applications, the realm of communications is... Read more
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F5 as a Service – A Suit of Armor and an Immune System in One

Imagine if we could block exploits like Poodle, HeartBleed or ShellShock around the globe for anyone that wanted us to in a matter of hours. That would be a good thing(tm) right? Well that possibility just took a big step towards realization. ... Read more
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F5 Silverline DDoS Protection FAQ

What is F5 Silverline™ DDoS Protection? F5 Silverline DDoS Protection is a service delivered via the Silverline cloud-based platform that provides detection and mitigation to stop even the largest of volumetric DDoS attacks from reaching your... Read more
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F5 Friday: BIG DDoS Umbrella powered by the HP VAN SDN Controller

#SDN #DDoS #infosec Integration and collaboration is the secret sauce to breaking down barriers between security and networking  Most of the focus of SDN apps has been, to date, on taking layer 4-7 services and making them into extensions... Read more
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DNS DDoS 공격이 발생했다

Adapted from Lori MacVittie's "F5 Friday: So That DNS DDoS Thing Happened" 다른 모든 퍼블릭 서비스와 마찬가지로 DNS 역시 취약하다. 이 말은 DNS 자체가 취약성을 가지고 있다는 말이 아니라 이 서비스의 목적과 성격으로 인해 공중에게 공개되고 공중이 접근할 수 있어야 한다는 의미에서 취약하다는 뜻이다. 어떤 디지털 액세스 방법에서든 내 자신과 내... Read more
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실제 DDoS 스토리들: SSL 커넥션 플러드

Adapted from David Holmes' "True DDoS Stories: SSL Connection Flood" 서버에서의 SSL 터미네이션 어떤 유명기업의 중요 사이트가 매우 심각한 DDoS 공격을 받아 수 주 동안 다운되는 사태가 발생했는데, 아래 그림은 그 기업의 네트워크 레이아웃을 나타낸 것이다. 경쟁업체들과는 다르게 이 기업은 SSL 트래픽이 그대로 데이터센터 내부에까지 도달해,... Read more
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F5의 DDoS 방어 레퍼런스 아키텍처 – 엔터프라이즈 버전

아직도 DDoS가 횡행하고 있으므로, DDoS 방어를 위한 F5의 엔터프라이즈용 (기업용) 레퍼런스 아키텍처를 살펴볼 텐데, 엔터프라이즈의 경우에는 외부에서 내부로 들어오는 다량의 애플리케이션 트래픽도 있지만 사용자들이 만들어낸 외부로 향하는 트래픽도 상당한 양이 된다. 엔터프라이즈의 경우와 글로벌 금융기관의 경우 사이의 차이점은 다음과 같다. 위 네트워크 다이아그램의 우상단에 보면 사용자들이 만들어낸 트래픽이 차세대 방화벽 (또는... Read more
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DevCentral Top 5: Sep 8, 2014

But soft!  What light through yonder window breaks?  It is the east, and this week's edition of the DevCentral Top 5 is the sun.  Yep, you guessed it.  The top 5 is back...but unlike Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, this... Read more
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Continuing the DDoS Arms Race

Steps you should be taking to improve your security posture against DDoS attacks. Read more
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VMworld 2014 – Security Considerations for the SDDC (feat Frelich)

Brandon Frelich, our Marketing Services Architect for Cloud & Security, talks about some of the implications and considerations for organizations looking to move toward a Software Defined Data Center. Areas include DDoS protection, identity... Read more
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What does a cyber attack look like?

Cyber security is never far from the headlines these days, and it’s something we at F5 Networks take incredibly seriously. We are of course committed to making sure our customers can always securely access their data and applications from any... Read more
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Threat Analysis: perlb0t

This ancient bot, also known as the “Mambo” bot (due to an old vulnerability in the Mambo CMS it tried to exploit) has been around for a very long time, and many variations of it has been seen. However, from our observations, it is still being... Read more
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