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Oracle OpenWorld 2010 - Optimize Oracle Database Replication

Peter Silva visits with F5's Chris Akker to discuss & whiteboard F5's solution to Optimize, Accelerate, Secure and Offload Oracle Database Replication with BIG-IP LTM and the WAN Optimization Module (WOM). Read more
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Oracle OpenWorld2010 - F5 Oracle Application Ready Solutions

I visit with one of my favorite F5 Solutions Engineer, Chris Akker as he whiteboards some of the F5 Application Ready Solutions for Oracle. Read more
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Let iRules Work Around that ASP.NET Padding Oracle Attack

Microsoft released advisory 2416728 on Friday after researchers Thai Duong and Juliano Rizzo demonstrated the attack on ASP.NET with their Padding Oracle Exploit Tool.  The attack itself preys on a bug in ASP.NET’s AES implementation, which... Read more
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F5 Friday: Application Access Control - Code, Agent, or Proxy?

How about some integration, instead? A combined Oracle Access Manager and F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager solution is more scalable, more reliable, and easier to manage than any of the traditional three solutions.   In the course of... Read more
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With Clouds Everywhere, It Is Bound to Rain

I was pondering the weather in Northeast Wisconsin this morning, it’s gloomy and oppressively hot. Between heat and humidity, I’d say it felt more like the US’s Pacific Northwest than the Midwest. And it’s been that  way all summer. We’ve... Read more
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F5's BIG-IP with Oracle® Access Manager to enhance SSO and Access Control

Learn how F5's BIG-IP LTM/APM helps in conjunction with Oracle Access Manager centralizing web application authentication and authorization services, streamline access management, and reduce infrastructure costs Watch how BIG-IP APM can reduce... Read more
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Oracle Data Guard sync over the WAN with F5 BIG-IP

While at Interop 2010 this week, we shot some videos and in this one, learn how F5's WAN Optimization can enhance Oracle's Data Guard solution. I talk with Chris Akker, Solution Engineer, about the challenges of real-time database sync and... Read more
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F5’s BIG-IP system with Oracle Access Manager

Honestly, this was not timed and I actually had a different topic to discuss for #15 of 26 Short Topics but this cool news today.  F5 and Oracle have announced plans to unify access management for web applications.  Press release can be... Read more
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