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Remediating Logjam: an iRule Countermeasure

#SSL #LOGJAM Professor Matthew Green of John Hopkins announced a weakness in the SSL Protocol and has given it the name Logjam (see weakdh.org). Here's a recap of F5's status and the link to an iRule to mitigate Logjam for HTTPS servers behind your load-balancer. Read more
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WhiteBoard Wednesday: SSL Ciphers

SSL traffic is on the rise, and it's important to know how the BIG-IP serves up SSL ciphers to your clients or back-end servers. In this edition of Whiteboard Wednesday, John explains the basics of SSL ciphers and offers some interesting tips on how to configure and optimize SSL ciphers on the BIG-IP. Read more
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BIG-IP SSL Cipher History

A spreadsheet showing the BIG-IP SSL Cipher History Read more
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RSA2015 – SSL Everywhere (feat Holmes)

F5 Worldwide Security Evangelist, David Holmes, talks about why the internet is going SSL Everywhere. He explains why there’s been a surge in encrypted traffic and reveals some interesting statistics from his ongoing research on the SSL protocol.... Read more
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RSA2015 – The InfoSec Landscape with Jeremiah Grossman

In a fascinating and fun conversation, InfoSec luminary, web application expert, TEDx speaker and WhiteHat Security Founder, Jeremiah Grossman explains some of the change occurring within information security. Have the never ending breaches... Read more
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RSA2015 – Defending the New Perimeter

Greg Maudsley, F5 Director Product Marketing, discusses the many challenges organizations face when trying to secure an evolving hybrid infrastructure all while allowing access to authorized, yet mobile users. As applications move to the cloud,... Read more
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How to deploy more SSL sites with fewer SSL certificates

There is an increasing need to deploy SSL sites (SPDY, HTTP/2, and SSL Everywhere). Traditional SSL sites require deploying one SSL certificate per site. This gets very expensive ordering and maintaining many SSL certificates. Consolidating SSL... Read more
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意外と知られていないSSL通信冗長化の課題を業界で初めてF5が解決 アプリケーション・デリバリ・コントローラ(ADC)を利用する際、多くのユーザ様はバックアップ含めて2台構成で導入されているかと思います。現在では通信機器の導入形態として冗長構成は一般的で、通信不具合時にはアクティブ機からスタンバイ機に切り替わるわけですが、ここで重要なのはこの「切り替わったこと」によるインパクトをユーザに与えない事になります。 ... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Improving Your SSL Labs Test Grade

Encrypt everything.  That's what Google Chairman Eric Schmidt recently said.  His comments were in response to various surveillance efforts that he considered government overreach and censorship.  His... Read more
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AWS re:Invent 2014: BIG-IP Test Drive on AWS (feat Stathatos)

Jeff Stathatos, F5 Solution Architect, shows how easy it is to test drive BIG-IP for SharePoint on AWS. With a few clicks of a mouse, organizations get high availability of the SharePoint Cluster along with SSL offload for top notch performance.... Read more
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실제 DDoS 스토리들: SSL 커넥션 플러드

Adapted from David Holmes' "True DDoS Stories: SSL Connection Flood" 서버에서의 SSL 터미네이션 어떤 유명기업의 중요 사이트가 매우 심각한 DDoS 공격을 받아 수 주 동안 다운되는 사태가 발생했는데, 아래 그림은 그 기업의 네트워크 레이아웃을 나타낸 것이다. 경쟁업체들과는 다르게 이 기업은 SSL 트래픽이 그대로 데이터센터 내부에까지 도달해,... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: Hybrid SSL Offload

Now your services can take advantage of hardware acceleration even when they're deployed on virtual machines Way back in the day, when SSL offloading was young and relatively new, there were a variety of hardware, software and even... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: Your gateway to the future (of HTTP)

#SDAS #HTTP #webperf #SSL De facto standards can be as difficult to transition off of as official ones If you haven't heard about HTTP 2.0 it's time to start paying attention. It is anticipated that in November the latest version of the... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: Hybrid to the Core

#SDAS #SDN #Cloud #SSL #HTTP2.0 F5 continues to pave the way for business to adopt disruptive technologies without, well, as much disruption. The term hybrid is somewhat misleading. In the original sense of the word, it means to bring together... Read more
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SSL gets an SEO promotion in rank from Google. Business loses its mind.

#SSL Forget #infosec benefits and #webperf implications, SSL just did an end-run around IT and went straight to the business. With fewer than 1/3 of organizations securing apps with SSL, that could be a problem. If the business isn't... Read more
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Stronger Keys and Faster Security with ECC

#infosec #linerate Really fast crypto in software on commodity hardware is possible after all. Anyone who has been involved with security knows there is a balance to providing both security and privacy and performance at the same time. Security... Read more
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Mitigating sslsqueeze and other no-crypto, brute force SSL handshake attacks

I’ve spent a bunch of cycles lately trying to analyze how resistant we are to a new class of SSL handshake attacks. You see, I have a thing for these weird, asymmetric crypto attacks. To this day, the SSL Renegotiation DDoS piece is still the most... Read more
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Heartbroken and then Redeemed

It has been over a month since Heartbleed. Remember that day when we found out that half the private keys on the Internet were each available for the price of just a few TLS heartbeat packets? I thought that in just a few news cycles the press... Read more
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Heartbleed: Network Scanning, iRule Countermeasures

Get the latest updates on how F5 mitigates HeartbleedGet the latest updates on how F5 mitigates Heartbleed I just spent the last two days writing “business-friendly” copy about Heartbleed. I think the result was pretty good and hey, it even got... Read more
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Heartbleed and Perfect Forward Secrecy

Get the latest updates on how F5 mitigates HeartbleedGet the latest updates on how F5 mitigates Heartbleed #heartbleed #PFS #infosec Last week was a crazy week for information security. That's probably also the understatement of the year.... Read more
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HTTPS SNI Monitoring How-to

Hi, You may or may not already have encountered a webserver that requires the SNI (Server Name Indication) extension in order to know which website it needs to serve you. It comes down to "if you don't tell me what you want, I'll... Read more
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Verify, but Never Trust?

Much is being written lately about so-called "Zero Trust Model" security, which prompts me to ask, "Since when did we security folk trust anyone?"  On the NIST site, you'll find a thorough report NIST commissioned from... Read more
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The Top Ten Hardcore F5 Security Features in BIG-IP 11.5.0

that went unsung at #RSAC 2014. There’s lots of new security stuff in BIG-IP that shouldn’t be overlooked amidst all the press releases and hoopla at #RSAC 2014. Don’t get me wrong, hoopla has its place: for example, the banking community is... Read more
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The Evolution of SSL

#infosec #sdas Technology, like time, marches on. I've been following SSL for a long, long time. Since before the turn of the century, in fact. I devised performance tests back in the day that, on at least one system (back when PCI was still... Read more
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SSL Profiles Part 10: All The "Little" Options

This is the tenth and final article in a series of Tech Tips that highlight SSL Profiles on the BIG-IP LTM.  The first nine articles are: SSL Overview and Handshake SSL Certificates Certificate Chain Implementation Cipher Suites SSL... Read more
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