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Why do you need a Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) in a VoLTE deployment?

This article was written by Peter Nas, Senior Solution Architect for the Traffix SDC Operators have begun to get more and more serious around deploying VoLTE (Voice over LTE) in their networks. Since the announcements of VoLTE services from some... Read more
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LBO or not, I want to break out...

This article was written by Peter Nas, Senior Solution Architect of F5's Traffix SDC solution  For more than 10 years, the technology to offer local breakout (commonly known as LBO) exists, allowing the data use by roaming customers to... Read more
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Diameter–SS7 IWF: Bridging the Signals between New and Old Worlds

This is written by a Guest Blogger, Ohad Ramot, Principal Software Engineer at F5 Indeed, LTE (4G) networks are spreading rapidly and are being deployed all over the globe. However, most of the networks out there are based on 2G/3G... Read more
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Neutered net-neutrality and Diameter signaling

Some parts of the media and concerned internet users are up in arms about the recent ruling on the FCC’s net-neutrality regulations, preventing the agency from ensuring that all web traffic is treated equally. Their concern is understandable. No... Read more
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