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Is PaaS Just Outsourced Application Server Platforms?

There’s a growing focus on PaaS (Platform as a Service), particularly as Microsoft has been rolling out Azure and VMware continues to push forward with its SpringSource acquisition. Amazon, though generally labeled as IaaS (Infrastructure as a... Read more
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Try To Stop The Fire From The Latest Release of Mono 2.0!

Developers rejoice!  Today The Mono Project has released Mono 2.0 out into the wild which will enable you to build that dream application cross platform with the latest and greatest features in Microsoft's .NET runtime library. Sponsore... Read more
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How AJAX can make a more agile enterprise

In general, we talk a lot about the benefits of SOA in terms of agility, aligning IT with the business, and risk mitigation. Then we talk about WOA (web oriented architecture) separately from SOA (service oriented architecture) but go on to... Read more
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iControl SDK v9.6.0 is here

It's been a while since the last version of the SDK has been released and it looks like it's that time again. So, whip out your zip program, and head on over to the iControl downloads page and be the first one on your block to get you... Read more
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Will 2008 be the year for C++?

I was trolling through my feeds this morning and saw the post "Developers Will Find C Applications Playing Surprisingly Strategic Role in 2008 with Multi-Core and SOA" Oh Realy? Not if Microsoft, Sun, IBM, BEA, Apache, or any othe... Read more
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More caffeine please...

In the last few months, I've been focused on Microsoft Technologies such as PowerShell, Windows Mobile, MOM, and most recently the iControl Assembly written in C# with Microsoft VisualStudio.  I've never been a professional Jav... Read more
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